Saturday, February 7, 2009

The CryStaL Light ProBleM

ok you guys, here the scoop. so like some of u know about my crystal light on the go problem. crystal light on the gos (for those who live under rocks) are these
they are little packets u dissolve into a bottle of water and it makes it NOMMMY. Follow? good. so like i used drink soda like a ridiculous amount a day. like going through 3 12 pks of soda every week between me and the bf. WELL after i discovered the little packets of heaven, i have almost given up drinking soda entirely! 1 soda a day IF THAT. which is really REALLY good........right? WRONG. THESE effing crystal light things have aspartame. I have an aspartame intolerance lol. when i drink things, with aspartame in them, it upset my stomach kind of in waves. i take a sip a few moments later and stomach hurts but only for a few minutes than subsides, until i take another swallow. but i cant help but think the crystal light on the gos are better for me then like 5 sodas a day.

ah, me. anyway more exciting news. MY SPELL GLOSS WAS LAUNCHED a few nights back!! yayy!Yay! so excited for mine to come in!! i will deff post swatches!
o boy. im pretty sure im going to quit smoking before my car gets fixed. some of u know i am a smoker of ab 6 1/2 years. i was planning on quitting the day my car was fixed which is coming up before the months out. buut i feel the need (due to health histories) that i need to quit sooner. so anyday now, im going to quit for good. i no longer drink alcohol anymore so it wont be as hard this time around lol.
i honestly dontknow how i gained a few more followers lol! I thank all of my followers!! yall are awesome if it wasnt for yall id totally abandon this attempt at blogging! if theres anything u guys would like to see, holla at a bitch! lemme know what u guys want to see from me. it will def, make things aLOT EASIER!! thanks again!

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  1. I think we have the same problem. I love these to go Crystal Light packs. Have you tried the Hawiian Punch ones? The Lemon Berry one is delicious!