Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starting Over. .

ok so as you know i have moved back into my parents (for those who dont know the story behind why, ask around you'll figure it out) so i am tryin to set up my setup lol. here is was i have so far....
..yes its quite pathetic but a work in progess. its in an open area right in front of a a bunch of doors and windows, and the last video on my channel was almost in the same spot so we al know the lighting couldnt be much better!
i need idea on how to make this work bc there arent any drawers or anything so i want to make it somewhat classy. am i just gonna have to settle with buyin the nice black rubbermaid mesh office organizers, or can somewhat come up with something better?
we can turn this into a contest of sorts. Any suggestions i use from any of my followers ill send a little something something to! So lets start brainstormin together folks I really want to get this done so i can make videos with more ease!
Thanks you guys!
PS. the mirror will be replaced eventually lol but right now its all i gots.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So i finally recieved my SugarSweet haul from mac which i was super stoked about! i havent gotten the chance to use them yet but o its going to be wonderful lol. So this morning i felt the urge to take an updated collection picture and compare the previous one i took at the beginning of january.So this one is Jan. 1
And this one i just took this morning. Kind of cool to see how much CRAP you have accumulated in 3 months.
So its about to start storming pretty bad and im REALLY cold because i just ate some EGGO cereal, which was pretty good lol. so im going to crawl into bed and take a nap before work. I also tweezed the HELL out of my eyebrows and i think i have gotten them more symmetric. I hope everyone is doing good thank you all for following! i gained a few since i checked last so thanks u all! ok im going to bed now :)

Monday, March 30, 2009


so these are all the pills im taking twice a day. 2 tylenols, 2 gas x, and one 20 mg pepcid. great so irresponsable with takin medicine its not even funny. my boyfriend has to remind me most of the time. my very fashionable post hospital look. FEIRCE! this is my "o god i think im gonna puke face"

ok so you guys have known about me always complaining about being sick, or my stomach hurting. So i finally broke down and went to the ER. Keep in mind i have no medical insurance (DONT JUDGE ME! lol) and beleive me the best way to go is ER and not to schedule an appointment somwhere. so i went got right in to see a doctor. and spent like 4 hours there. most of that time i was stuck with an iv and gettin a liquids drip. the nurse took 7 vials of blood which im not a big person i dont think i had much left to spare after that, i was pretty damn loopy. they gave me this GI cocktail which consists of maalox and some other hospital shit which is suppose to numb my esophagus, stomach, etc anything affected by acid reflux. which it did help for about 5 minutes but quickly went away. SOOO after that, is when they gave me this blasted IV. i have never had an IV before so it was kinda nerve racking. in the end i was prescribed some fenegren stuff for nausea and pepcid for the burning. i took it upon myself to not fill the fenegren bc i do get nauseated but its only it brief spirts so i dont see the need for it. i also decided to purchase some gas X for the bloating and fullness which really sucks ontop of all the inflammations :( boo. so just hoping that all these meds will do what they are suppose to do, what i have isnt a quick fix itll prolly take a week at least to get back to normal so wish me luck!

Sorry again you guys for slacking with the video making but hopefully this will put into perspective the type of crap i have been going through for past 2 weeks. So im on the mend, video production should be back to normal soon, so be ready! Love you guys and thanks for all the birthday wishes and the nice comments about quitting smoking! DAY 7 u guys its been an entire week! WOOT! and i really only get a craving like once a day for one which isnt bad at all for a week. i have just been drinking more liquids lately replacing the cigarette factor. works like a charm. bc ur not eating something thats gonna make you gain weight like ppl say ur just filling up on a drink. thats my method, take it for what its worth.

love you ALL!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey guys! So as I was gettin ready for work yesterday, I decided to take a before and after picture of my face. All i can say is, WOW HOLY SHIT I LOOKED ROUGH. my face looks so gross lol.

Here is the after: MUCH BETTER! dont u love how im doing the EXACT same pose? You can barely tell that they are different pictures. Too funny. I wanna encourage some of you to try this, I didnt think that there'd be such a drastic difference, but i can honestly say, "im soo glad i wore makeup yesterday!"

So here are some close-up of the look i did. I meant to make a tutorial as i was gettin ready and completly forgot like an idiot.
I used SPELL's creme de menthe eye candy shadow on the entire lid. then i used vintage gold in the entire crease, followed by antiqued green on top of the vintage gold on the outer half of the crease then some chartreuse on the inner half of the crease. all those colors were pressed MAC pigments, excluding the SPELL one obviously lol. I also used some vanilla right in the tear ducts for some bonus eye popping points. liquid liner for top lashline, lash stiletto and some tightrimmed using feline.
I thought it came out super pretty hope you guys like! I have a really cool video coming up tonight its saving right now (which takes like 390453405 years) so ill upload first thing when i get home tonight. I only work 4 hours tonight how freakin sweet is that!? im off tomorrow and i have to go grocery shopping so incredibally bad its not even funny lol. hopefully ill get some tutorials done too i want to like 4 this week so watch out for those! ok love u guys!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So i went to walmart for the SECOND TIME today lol. I was gettin bubble mailers when i see a twilight poster display. at a glance i thought they were just the normal posters, then at closer look they are DOOR POSTERS that are over 5 ft tall!! lie. i snapped some pics of it for you guys as well as like my whole living room wall bc its covered in twilight posters its redic. keep in mind i live with my bf and he doesnt seem to care so thats how u know when uve got a keeper! :)

and then things got crazy and i became creative.

y'all like how im the EXACT same color as edward?? bahha. its meant to be, but my heart lies with jacob :)

love yas

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What's in a Palette?

All Right folks, you asked for it. Here is some pictures with labeled names for you guys to enjoy! alot of these are pressed pigments. If you have any questions about any colors let me know! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Velvety-ness

So last night on twitter i mentioned my hair looks like red velvet cake and my blonde just looks like some cream cheese i have waited adn waited and waited for the sun to come up so i could capture my hair in its true gloryness. i use this. loreal technique for dark hair only in RED HOT,which you can get from any sallys. you have to get the loreal cream developer in 30 and thiss tuff is for us dark haired ladies! so that why i love it. i have also used the COPPER RED and the fIRE RED COLOR. i love these shades of red. so that helped some of you folks im on a mission. i mission to CLEAN THIS HOUSE!!! RAWR!! if you EVER need motivation to clean check flylady out!! this website ALWAYS gets me pepped up to clean. love you guy be good!! DONT FORGET TO COMMENT ADN FOLLOW!!!