Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hey guys!! So i have been mentioning in my last few videos that i had some mail coming. well i got almost everything today! how great is that? i love mail days like this!
Hopefully u guys can see the picture ok. but i got some mac piggies from then my contest winnings from and my MAC order i placed to get a few things. OMG my birthday is coming right you guys, March 23! My mom is going to be going back and forth to chicago (haha leesh) and theres a MAC store there!! WOOT HOLLA! so she told me to compile a list of stuff she can get tehre for my yay to MORE MAC STUFFS! happy girl yay yay yay. ok so today i wore a blue and black look to work.
i used SEA ME shadestick (thanks brooke) as a base for freshwater ES. carbon in the crease and vanilla as a highlight. blacktrack fluidline as my top lashline liner and lash stiletto from maybelline for mascara. i was in a rush and FORGOT my FELINE eye kohl but it still looked GORGEOUS! hope u guys liked! i been doing pretty good lately with this whole blog thing, eh? i dont know whats come over me lol.
all my hauls will now be posted to my blog, because i feel like making a video just clutters up my channel and according to view count more ppl watch the tutorials rather than my hauls so i wont be doing those anymore, unless i get a demand for them:)

love yas!

omg so big bow looks totally HOT with elle's DO I DAZZLE YOU allthatglitrz gloss from spell on top its liek the perfect match forreal yos check it out!


  1. haley, youre so gorgeous!!!
    (its beautyphoebs from youtube)
    great haulin'!
    yay mac haul for your bday!!! cant wait for that!!!
    my bday is a long way away the 10th september (same day as Renesmee's - TWILIGHT!!!) lol

  2. Hahaha (at pink pucker face). . .Great haul Haley!!!. . .