Saturday, February 14, 2009


I hope all of you had a great valentines day with your significant other or just some girl friends. if not that sucks ive been there maybe next year honeys! So i just got a ton of valentine goodies from brian the boyfriend. figured id share with you guys :)
So he got me the cutest red velvet stuffed bear that says "happy valentine's day" on a little heart its holding. a dozen long stemmed white roses (he always gets these for me bc when i was in Nm he sent me some just cause i was sick this was before we were dating :) awww) 3 bags of lindt lindor truffles my favorite he got 2 peanut butter ones (which are rare as hell to find but they are our faves he got the last two bags) and the stracciatella ones which are white chocolate with cocoa bits stuck in em. NOM

He also got me the game apples to apples because theres a youtuber i used to watch and she used to play it all the time and it looked uber fun and me and brian love playin board games and such so i wanted a new one and he picked it up! YAY board games FTW!

And then, he out did himself with this monstrosity of a makeup organizer. A 7 drawered (every makeup gurus DREAM) and it hold every last bit of my makeup with some room to spare...thats RIDICULOUS. i took pictures of what im storing in each drawer for your enjoyment. :)
ok first drawer all my palettes (hip duo, coastal scents 88 shimmer, 2 empty CS palettes (which are being given away as prizes( and my 4 mac palettes however one of them is empty but not for long :) my holiday smoky eyes, dame edna and a midnight soot palette i won in elise's contest a while back

2ND DRAWER: in here ive got my msfs, a mac blush, gel liners, paint pts, fluidlines, elf bronzer, some random stuff

3rd DRAWER:my lip stuff, shadestick type shadows (nyx mac, milani, etc) nail tools and falsies

4th DRAWER: brushes i dont use that often, some EDM samples, spell shadows, some single eyeshadows that dont have any sort of palette to go into, 2 concealer sticks

5th DRAWER:eye liners, lip liners, drugstore, foundation i dont use, fix +, brush cleaner, makeup removing stuff, mascaras liquid liners

6th DRAWER:B2M empties, spell samples and mario badescu samples and a nifty bead organizer holding all my pigment samples. its full, i may need another one :/

7th and FINAL DRAWER: my hairspray blowdryer and curling iron (essentially hair


  1. very sweet boyfriend - he is a keeper

  2. nice organization!
    awww the things your boyf got are so sweet!
    that teddy is adorable!