Thursday, June 25, 2009

Starting Over. .

ok so as you know i have moved back into my parents (for those who dont know the story behind why, ask around you'll figure it out) so i am tryin to set up my setup lol. here is was i have so far....
..yes its quite pathetic but a work in progess. its in an open area right in front of a a bunch of doors and windows, and the last video on my channel was almost in the same spot so we al know the lighting couldnt be much better!
i need idea on how to make this work bc there arent any drawers or anything so i want to make it somewhat classy. am i just gonna have to settle with buyin the nice black rubbermaid mesh office organizers, or can somewhat come up with something better?
we can turn this into a contest of sorts. Any suggestions i use from any of my followers ill send a little something something to! So lets start brainstormin together folks I really want to get this done so i can make videos with more ease!
Thanks you guys!
PS. the mirror will be replaced eventually lol but right now its all i gots.