Thursday, February 19, 2009

Red Velvety-ness

So last night on twitter i mentioned my hair looks like red velvet cake and my blonde just looks like some cream cheese i have waited adn waited and waited for the sun to come up so i could capture my hair in its true gloryness. i use this. loreal technique for dark hair only in RED HOT,which you can get from any sallys. you have to get the loreal cream developer in 30 and thiss tuff is for us dark haired ladies! so that why i love it. i have also used the COPPER RED and the fIRE RED COLOR. i love these shades of red. so that helped some of you folks im on a mission. i mission to CLEAN THIS HOUSE!!! RAWR!! if you EVER need motivation to clean check flylady out!! this website ALWAYS gets me pepped up to clean. love you guy be good!! DONT FORGET TO COMMENT ADN FOLLOW!!!


  1. wow! gorgeous!!
    you look lovely!
    just like hayley williams!!!!
    and i LOVE paramore!!! (muse and paramore are my fave bands!!!)

  2. OMG! I wish wish wish I could dye my hair! I'm dyeing to be purple or pink again...maybe I'll do it over the summer for a streak just to be adventurous :) haha

    Such a great color on you :)

  3. LOVE the color I've always wanted to dye my hair that color of red i'm just too scared...haha

  4. WOW. . .I love your hair color---I've been completely missing it on YouTube (hmmm. . .you're a wee bit brown there LOL!) But that red is fantastic!