Friday, February 13, 2009

F*^$##$^$^ HELLO KITTY

so i wasnt gonna get anything from this %$^%^&^&#$@#$ collection, and then ELISE posted her HK kitty haul, and made me do it!!!! im gonna KEEEL HER! SO ended up getting Big Bow Lipstick and Tippy Beauty Powder Blush (which i had just got done bashing to elle about). I also have milk pigment and very pink reflects from the HK collection coming as well in pigment form which i ordered from i bught 2 in milk so i could press them but leesha (xsparkage) said that Milk is kind of like kitchmas and i dont like kitchmas so i may be trading it depending on when i get it. Ive also got like 6 more pigments coming to be pressed. i ordered two of each so i could press them bc im a cheap bitch. :) some of u i know can relate, im NOT ashamed of mooching off of pigment samples lol. Im currently sipping on some Dunkin Donuts Coffee (the kind sold at supermarkets to brew at home)nom however i cant seem to get the coffee proportionate to the damn water so its not quite as good, but there is not ONE EFFING DUNKIN in the entire state of ARKANSAS! WTF is the story with THAT?!?! my fave thing from there is the hoooly shiiit u guys that is like organism served in a convenient cup with a straw. LEGIT. i always get these when i go up to Pawtucket for Christmas :) Speaking of christmas, you will NEVER guess where i might be going for xmas.....go ahead...i DARE you.....o yes i went there. ok so disney does this thing for active duty military sometimes they did it right after 9/11 and are apparently doing it again for whatever reason but active duty military gets a 5 day park hopper for free and up to 4 dependants for 100$ per park hopper. thats is RIDICULOUS. so i may gettin to see me some mariana aka darkroomglamour on YOUTUBE. this is a REALLY LONG Blog. im tryng to drink this coffee black because im borderline lactose intolerent but i CANNOT have dairy in the morning my stomach will like explode and that wouldnt be good. black coffee with 7 packets of splenda isnt half bad! lol. ok i think i need to go now. bye u guys much love!!

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