Thursday, February 26, 2009


So i went to walmart for the SECOND TIME today lol. I was gettin bubble mailers when i see a twilight poster display. at a glance i thought they were just the normal posters, then at closer look they are DOOR POSTERS that are over 5 ft tall!! lie. i snapped some pics of it for you guys as well as like my whole living room wall bc its covered in twilight posters its redic. keep in mind i live with my bf and he doesnt seem to care so thats how u know when uve got a keeper! :)

and then things got crazy and i became creative.

y'all like how im the EXACT same color as edward?? bahha. its meant to be, but my heart lies with jacob :)

love yas


  1. ahahha yay! ur a team jacob,too?? great posters!

  2. lol thats AWESOME! my husband is so jealous..of a friggin FICTIONAL character!...its ridiculous! so i have to keep my love for Edward to myself :)

  3. YAY ANOTHER TEAM JACOB MEMBER?!?!?! they seem to be so rare sometimes.........

  4. You do have something about you that reminds me of the girl in twilight and then natalie portman!