Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hey EVERYONE! so elle just updated her blog and it made me feel kinda bad about my SAD SAD SAD excuse for a blog! I thank all of whom are following this blog, and i apolgize that I havent been less than consistent with it :(

So anyway whats new with me, you ask? Well this week has SUCKED BAD!!! First i locked my keys in my car at work on monday. .. THEN brian had to drive all the way up there to unlock it (a 35 minute drive). THEN on the way home, my transmission DIED it broke it is finite no mas ixnay done toast GONE! So THAT SUCKED THEN o yes theres a then, i ran out of propane in the big tank outside for out propane gas heater.. . .so i literally have been FREEZIN MY LIL ASS OFF! we had to buy 2 space heaters and weve been using the OVEN as well lol dont ask. its absolutely pitiful right now. I plan on having a contest once i hit 1000 subs. i am almost there! i am currently at 800. yay! So hopefully my life will be put back in order so i can afford some super DUPER PRIZES!! so watch out for that!

In closing, I want to THANK ALL OF MY subscribers and followers in the makeup adventure i have been on for the last (almost) year. I have made some AMAZING friends and plan on making MORE! i use caps alot. wow. thats ridiculous. Elle is sick and she likes nyquil when shes sick. ..its funny. So i will let all of you go and hope everyone is having WAY better luck that i have been lately!

much love,

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