Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hey guys! So as I was gettin ready for work yesterday, I decided to take a before and after picture of my face. All i can say is, WOW HOLY SHIT I LOOKED ROUGH. my face looks so gross lol.

Here is the after: MUCH BETTER! dont u love how im doing the EXACT same pose? You can barely tell that they are different pictures. Too funny. I wanna encourage some of you to try this, I didnt think that there'd be such a drastic difference, but i can honestly say, "im soo glad i wore makeup yesterday!"

So here are some close-up of the look i did. I meant to make a tutorial as i was gettin ready and completly forgot like an idiot.
I used SPELL's creme de menthe eye candy shadow on the entire lid. then i used vintage gold in the entire crease, followed by antiqued green on top of the vintage gold on the outer half of the crease then some chartreuse on the inner half of the crease. all those colors were pressed MAC pigments, excluding the SPELL one obviously lol. I also used some vanilla right in the tear ducts for some bonus eye popping points. liquid liner for top lashline, lash stiletto and some tightrimmed using feline.
I thought it came out super pretty hope you guys like! I have a really cool video coming up tonight its saving right now (which takes like 390453405 years) so ill upload first thing when i get home tonight. I only work 4 hours tonight how freakin sweet is that!? im off tomorrow and i have to go grocery shopping so incredibally bad its not even funny lol. hopefully ill get some tutorials done too i want to like 4 this week so watch out for those! ok love u guys!


  1. Hey Haley, i'm just a passerby.. but did anyone commented that you look like Alexis Grace from american idol season 8? and i think that both of you look really pretty and cute. =)

  2. I love your eyes :)!
    Much love,