Thursday, April 2, 2009


So i finally recieved my SugarSweet haul from mac which i was super stoked about! i havent gotten the chance to use them yet but o its going to be wonderful lol. So this morning i felt the urge to take an updated collection picture and compare the previous one i took at the beginning of january.So this one is Jan. 1
And this one i just took this morning. Kind of cool to see how much CRAP you have accumulated in 3 months.
So its about to start storming pretty bad and im REALLY cold because i just ate some EGGO cereal, which was pretty good lol. so im going to crawl into bed and take a nap before work. I also tweezed the HELL out of my eyebrows and i think i have gotten them more symmetric. I hope everyone is doing good thank you all for following! i gained a few since i checked last so thanks u all! ok im going to bed now :)


  1. I love your collection!! I wish I had half as much.

    I hope your feeling better by the way.

    take care and keep us up to date. :)

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  3. uuh im jealous :D
    greaat make-up collection!

    i like ur blog ;)