Monday, March 30, 2009


so these are all the pills im taking twice a day. 2 tylenols, 2 gas x, and one 20 mg pepcid. great so irresponsable with takin medicine its not even funny. my boyfriend has to remind me most of the time. my very fashionable post hospital look. FEIRCE! this is my "o god i think im gonna puke face"

ok so you guys have known about me always complaining about being sick, or my stomach hurting. So i finally broke down and went to the ER. Keep in mind i have no medical insurance (DONT JUDGE ME! lol) and beleive me the best way to go is ER and not to schedule an appointment somwhere. so i went got right in to see a doctor. and spent like 4 hours there. most of that time i was stuck with an iv and gettin a liquids drip. the nurse took 7 vials of blood which im not a big person i dont think i had much left to spare after that, i was pretty damn loopy. they gave me this GI cocktail which consists of maalox and some other hospital shit which is suppose to numb my esophagus, stomach, etc anything affected by acid reflux. which it did help for about 5 minutes but quickly went away. SOOO after that, is when they gave me this blasted IV. i have never had an IV before so it was kinda nerve racking. in the end i was prescribed some fenegren stuff for nausea and pepcid for the burning. i took it upon myself to not fill the fenegren bc i do get nauseated but its only it brief spirts so i dont see the need for it. i also decided to purchase some gas X for the bloating and fullness which really sucks ontop of all the inflammations :( boo. so just hoping that all these meds will do what they are suppose to do, what i have isnt a quick fix itll prolly take a week at least to get back to normal so wish me luck!

Sorry again you guys for slacking with the video making but hopefully this will put into perspective the type of crap i have been going through for past 2 weeks. So im on the mend, video production should be back to normal soon, so be ready! Love you guys and thanks for all the birthday wishes and the nice comments about quitting smoking! DAY 7 u guys its been an entire week! WOOT! and i really only get a craving like once a day for one which isnt bad at all for a week. i have just been drinking more liquids lately replacing the cigarette factor. works like a charm. bc ur not eating something thats gonna make you gain weight like ppl say ur just filling up on a drink. thats my method, take it for what its worth.

love you ALL!!


  1. phenegen makes you super tired as well..atleast it did me I have had it before..i was out like a light! Hope you feel better soon!

  2. phenergen i mean..or whatever..haha

  3. Don't worry hun take all the time you need to get better. I hope you get back on your feet in no time. I think you should really look into getting health insurance after this though haha =)

  4. Don't feel bad Haley. . .I lack insurance as well my son gets better care than I do LOL! He gets sick and goes to the ped and gets better I contract his sick and spend the next few weeks in hope that some one will have mercy and kill me LOL! But feel better soon, and ease up on the sugery, acidity drinks (ESPECIALLY THAT DAMN Crystal Light!!!). . .Lots of water and hope to see you up and about soon!

  5. With all this health stress it must be really hard for you to try to stop smoking. I feel for you :( Must be horrible. just get everything sorted out and hopefully you won't have to feel ill for a long time. xx

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