Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So I am excited about tomorrow!! Bc a new show premeirs on the CW called FEAR IS REAL. And it is basically like MTV's FEAR same thing, so I am hyped! Here is a clip of it:So since ANTM is not going on this is the new show that I will be going over to corey and cody's house for! I really want to do a music video with them, how funny would that be?!
The weather here has been absolutely deadful. ICE. ICE. ICE! The trees are like icicles. Kinda sucks cause while I am at work im worried about the roads freezing over by the time i get off :( I really Love elizabethtown, particularly the part where they are talking on the phone:i just miss this stage of a relationship i guess lol. very good movie. the whole map thing towards then end was cute too! gosh my life needs some romance lol! i love my boyfriend, though.

BLAH anyways i will talk to you guys later lol! dont forget to watch FEAR IS REAL! BBR comes out thursday!! AHHHHH.


  1. elizabethtown is one of my favorites ever along with almost famous! I love all of elizabethtown the soundtrack is amazing as well!

  2. omg i know! i absolutely love the soundtrack. score and the various artist i need to get them both! i love the song that plays when she is in the tub and he says "wait, when r u coming back?" it sounds soo pretty. i never thought elton john's father's gun would make me so sad lol. i always want to cry when that song plays and he scattering the ashes that one and in the name of love when he is at the lorraine hotel.. sigh soo good.