Thursday, December 11, 2008


I bought HOME ALONe at wal*mart yesterday (I ended up going back after i bought the curling iron, bc brian wanted stuff to make stuffed mushrooms) and it has like commentaries, interviews, and gag reels. MY FAVE.
I downloaded HOME ALONe 2:Lost in NEW YORK off limewire lol! I really shouldn't have bought the first one, but it reminds me so much of christmas with my family. One of my mom's favorites.

Does anyone remember the trailer with this scene from the poster?!? I googled it and I remember it! YaY. So I leave for south carolina in 9 days! HURRAY FOR AIRPORTS. I dont know why but I REALLY REALLY love airports. Well, not so much if you have a 6 hour lay-over but other than that I enjoy a good hour or so in an airport. I like O'Hare the best I think. . .lol. O'Hare is also where they shot, the RUN RUN RUDOLPH scene in HOME ALONe! It just keeps circling back around to freakin' HOME ALONe!!! AHH I hope everyone is having a great day! Love youse!

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