Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yeah, so today I bought a cheap
3/4 inch
Curling Iron
to simply attempt at curling my hair. Now, mind you, I have never in my ENTIRE 21 years of life, CURLED my hair on my own. This is how it turned out! I can honestly say, I think I did rather well! I didn't do much today. . .WHAT a WASTE.

1 comment:

  1. good job, very pretty! i love the colour in your hair. do you remember what it is?

    i know this is an old blog post, but i was just clicking through them haha i found you on youtube through the our latest obsession channel

    i love your haleybean channel vids too.

    sorry to hear about your pains with chrones. i have a thyroid disease and they checked me for chrones coz its related somehow but luckily didnt have it as well as my grave's disease. I read a bit about chrones and it does not sound easy to deal with. i hope your symptoms ease up real soon.

    Make sure you're looking after yourself and doing fun things that make you happy. i dunno if that sounds weird, but people with thyroid problems get stressed out easily and i imagine chrones as being pretty stressful too.

    i hope you start feeling a lot better soon.

    All the best,

    Susan all the way from australia! (and its way past my bed time D :)