Friday, December 12, 2008


OK so i really love the way i apply my shadows. This is BEFORE work.

and this is after

I think its just great! If anyone wants me to do a tutorial i will. its a gold and green look. very pretty. OMG you guys, so i got to work at 2 ok. APPARENTLY joey lauren adams had come in to cracker barrel today!! and had left 5 minutes before i got there!! i was soo mad bc i love meeting famous ppl, i mean who doesnt, right? the only other famous person i have met was Joan Jett like 5 years ago. she didnt look too good. It was at this thing we have in arkansas called RIVERFEST. She came out and had this shirt on that u could totally see her boobs! after the first song they brought her backstage and changed her shirt. it was great. I didnt do much today, came home and BLogtv-ed with natneagle which was fun. I am on a mission to make a LOOK BOOK like khaikoad or however. I thought that was a great idea!

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